Jill Ellison


b. 1986, HK.


Contact :

Email: designsbyjillian@gmail.com

Phone: 920.277.5489

Who is Jill Ellison?

Aunt, its my favorite title, Designer, Green Bay Packers and Louisville Cardinals fan, Avid Organizer, Crafter: painting, paper crafting, and quilting, Singing at the top of my lungs for all to here, even if the words are wrong, Disney enthusiast, and much much more!

What is her education experience?

I transferred to Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD) in January 2013, where I finished my degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Motion Media Design. Before SCAD, I went to University of Wisconsin - Stout where I began studying multimedia design. 

Where has she been?

I currently reside in Orlando, FL where I have been for the last two years. Before Orlando, I have lived in Atlanta and Savannah Georgia, Appleton and Menomonie Wisconsin, and Louisville Kentucky.  I have loved each place in their own way. I have traveled to 39 states and 8 countries, and hope to travel to all 50 states and explore more countries. 

Favorite Things?

Road Trips; My Nieces, Sports; love playing soccer and watching soccer, football, and basketball; Pizza, and Buffalo Chicken; Being crafty, from painting, to paper crafts, to quilts; Baking and decorating cupcakes, macaroons, cakes, and more; Disney World, Disney Movies, Disney!